District 146 Gets Fit Fun Walk

District 146 Gets Fit 2015 from CCSD146 on Vimeo.

Neither rain nor cold could keep away more than 200 students, parents and staff from attending the District 146 Gets Fit Fun Walk on Saturday, May 30. Enthusiastic walkers, runners and mothers with strollers circled the hallways of Central Middle School. With each lap completed, participants were given a raffle ticket for a drawing of health-themed gift baskets and prizes donated by District 146 employees.

Sprinting toward the finish to receive yet another raffle ticket, Jacob Nendza, red in the face, exclaimed, “I just did three miles!” as his little brother, Matthew shuffled after him. “They’re going to sleep great tonight!” said Steven Nendza of his two children who attend Fierke Education Center. Jacob grabs a bottled water, donated by Quest Foods, and bursts ahead on his next lap.

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Explore Theater Performs at Central, Memorial

Dr. Stawick Awarded as 'Superintendent of Distinction' at Governor's Mansion


Superintendent Dr. Jeff Stawick of School District 146 was honored as a regional “Superintendent of Distinction” at an awards luncheon Tuesday, April 21 at the governor’s Executive Mansion in Springfield. Stawick was selected by his peers in the Illinois Association of School Administrators (IASA) South Cook Region.

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District 146 Strategic Plan

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District 146 Welcomes New Teachers

Students walk to school with families, enjoy nature walk during P.E.

The 5th annual Walk to School Day is on Wednesday, Oct. 7. Students are encouraged to walk to school with family and friends in an effort to increase their physical activity in the morning. Teachers and staff will meet early in the morning at designated locations to walk to work, showing their support for the national day.

“Our district staff takes great pride in pursuing healthy lifestyles. We recognize the importance of setting positive examples in our students’ lives and helping them to make healthy choices,” said Matt Kociolek, Wellness Coordinator for District 146.

The students will participate in a nature walk during their Physical Education classes during the day. The nature walk will give students the opportunity to walk, talk with friends, relax and enjoy the outdoors as they complete a one-mile course. Students will be rewarded with a water bottle and apple.

Fulton wins Intramural Road to Central Event

The Road to Central Challenge is series of athletic events that help prepare elementary students for Middle School athletics. Students play soccer, volleyball, basketball, bowling, softball and track.

Fulton Elementary hosted a volleyball competition on Dec. 9. Each team competed well, which made every match close. Fulton took first place with an undefeated record.

On October 14, Memorial Elementary hosted the soccer competition. All teams played well and Memorial came out on top. They won the first competition of the year.

The next event will be a basketball competition on February 3 at Fierke.

District 146 Beginning Band Debut

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Letter Home 3-3-16: District explores strategies to address overcrowding at Fulton School

Dear District 146 Families,

I have important information about our District 146 facilities regarding school population. District 146 is currently experiencing overcrowding at Fulton School. Fulton’s enrollment is at 106% of capacity, which is stretching resources thin and causing undue stress for both students and teachers. Rooms that were not designed to be classrooms are currently being used to instruct students. We need to find a solution.

Other District 146 schools (Fierke, Kruse, Memorial and Central) are not experiencing overcrowding. Fierke is at 71% of capacity, and a recently completed demographic study predicts that enrollment will decline slightly over the next five years. Similarly, Kruse is currently at 76% of capacity with the demographic study predicting stable enrollment at Kruse over the next several years. Memorial is at 82% capacity with the demographic study showing a modest increase over the next several years. Currently, the District 146 Board of Education is looking at several strategies to relieve the overcrowding at Fulton. Some strategies include shifting attendance boundaries, which would result in some Fulton students attending other District 146 schools as early as next fall.

We are working to determine the best possible solutions for our District. I will share an overview of possibilities with the Board of Education at the Board Meeting on March 14th at 6:00 p.m. No decisions will be made at this meeting, but if you would like to hear the Board’s discussion, please join us. We appreciate your interest in this effort. Our goal is to continue to improve the quality of education and services to which your family is accustomed.


Dr. Jeff Stawick

Fulton wins Road to Central basketball tournament

Fulton 5th graders won the intramural basketball competition called the “Road to Central Challenge” on Feb. 2. Fierke came in second during the round robin tournament, which was held on their home turf. Kruse and Memorial schools also competed.

Four teams representing each elementary school within District 146 face one another in a variety of sports throughout the year.

“It is aimed at preparing the students for Middle School athletic activities and competition,” said Fulton coach and District 146 Wellness Coordinator Matt Kociolek.

The next “Road to Central” event will be a bowling competition on March 2 at Orland Bowl.

District 146 Math Challenge Recap

Congratulations to the Math Challenge Winners!

Koepel Award Winners: Maria Manta, Philip Mikrut, John Roth, Erik Zawada

Grade-level Winners: Daniel McCarthy- 1st, Nathan Beazley- 1st, Dylan Scanlon- 2nd, Gavin Hemminger- 2nd, Gunnar Lindich- 3rd, Benjamin James- 3rd, Michelle Broers- 4th, Caleb Aggen- 4th, Alex Day- 5th, Evan Lukas- 5th, Jack Day- 6th, Charlie Desnoyers- 6th, Todd Bajzek- 7th, Ayden Ward- 7th, John Roth- 8th, Maria Manta- 8th

D146 Math Challenge 2016 from District 146 on Vimeo.

Early Learning Family Fun Night

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