Kruse Girls Tackle First 5K Race

A group of Kruse students completed their first 5K race, Girls on the Run, in Grant Park on May 30. Kruse School participated in the race along with many other schools from the Chicagoland area. The girls did an excellent job not only running the race, but representing Kruse School. Great job girls!

5th Grade Interacts With Comet At Challenger Center

5th graders at Kruse visited the Challenger Learning Center in Hammond Indiana to “Rendezvous With a Comet.” After two months of training in the classroom, the 5th graders were able to wrap up their time at Kruse with this amazing field trip. While in a simulator, students built a probe and launched it into a comet to collect data. While on their mission, they “discovered” a new comet that they timely named "Comet Kruse."

Students Celebrate Math

4th Grade Accelerated Math practices division on the blacktop with Trude Buchanan's class.

Students Perform at Kruse'n On

Accelerated Math creates their own version of Spike

The accelerated math classes made a life-size “Spike” to resemble the Corpse Flower at the Chicago Botanic Garden that many have waited 12 years to see bloom. The students made a prediction chart, and watched a live stream from the Garden of the large, smelly flower. Unfortunately, the real flower never bloomed, so the students removed the petals on their Spike, just as the Chicago Botanic Garden did. To emulate the smell that would have been present, teacher Trude Buchanan hid a small bag of rotting fish in the flower. She said it was not for the squeamish!

Kruse staff supports international Walk to School Day, students enjoy nature

The 5th annual Walk to School Day is on Wednesday, Oct. 7. Students are encouraged to walk to school with family and friends in an effort to increase their physical activity in the morning. Teachers and staff will meet early in the morning at designated locations to walk to work, showing their support for the national day.

“Our district staff takes great pride in pursuing healthy lifestyles. We recognize the importance of setting positive examples in our students’ lives and helping them to make healthy choices,” said Matt Kociolek, Wellness Coordinator for District 146.

The students will participate in a nature walk during their Physical Education classes during the day. The nature walk will give students the opportunity to walk, talk with friends, relax and enjoy the outdoors as they complete a one-mile course. Students will be rewarded with a water bottle and apple.

Kruse Spirit Week

Halloween at Kruse

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