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Jingle Bell Jukebox

Fierke's 4th and 5th grade classes presented Jingle Bell Jukebox on December 8, 2016.

Pro-Kids Assembly

Board passes resolution for new attendance boundaries

Email any questions to Superintendent Dr. Jeff Stawick at jstawick@district146.org.

The District appreciates the community’s understanding as they continually strive to improve schools and the quality of children's education at District 146.

For more information on the boundary change, visit this page.

Fierke Singers attend first Annual Illinois All-State Festival

A select group of 5th grade Fierke music students traveled to Peoria on Jan. 30 to represent Fierke Education Center at the Elementary Girls All-State Choir performance and IMEA Conference. Music teacher Tom Gilman accompanied students Jillian Colangelo, Alli Reif, Sydney Button, Elena Sikorski and Shaylin Mitchell, members of the Fierke Singers choir group.

For one month leading up to the performance, the choir rehearsed challenging musical pieces with Gilman and Principal Mark French.

“The students showed tremendous commitment, showing up for rehearsals sometimes before school and sometimes after,” French said.

On the performance day at the Peoria Civic Center, the girls joined 250 choir students from around the state and rehearsed for two hours before their grand performance. The girls sang three songs of their own, and one combined song with the All-State Elementary Boys Choir and an elementary folk dance group for the finale.

“The five students represented Fierke in an exemplary manner, and came away with an experience they will never forget,” French said.

“I am really hoping this experience will inspire our singers to continue to sing in choirs at Central Middle School and beyond. I also hope to continue to motivate students to want to participate in the All-State Festival in the future!” Gilman added.

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