Math Challenge Awards

Math Challenge Awards
Posted on 03/14/2023
Math Challenge Awards Night TitleEach year, District 146 hosts a Math Challenge for students in Grades 1-8. The Math challenge determines who goes on to represent District 146 at the regional South Cook Math Bowl. This year, the Math Challenge took place on February 23. 

To qualify for the Math Challenge, students take preliminary math tests at their home school. Each elementary school sends the top four students and one alternate from each grade level (first through fifth) to the Math Challenge. At the Middle School, 16 students are chosen with two alternates per grade level.

The Math Challenge consists of three events. Two are individual events: Mental Math and Computation.  One is a team event where students from different schools meet to work together to solve problems. The top two students in each grade level earn a spot to represent District 146 at the South Cook Regional Math Bowl.

All Math Challenge participants were recognized on March 2 at the Math Challenge Awards Night. Awards were given to first, second, and third place finishers in the two individual events, and the team event winners for each grade were announced. 

Here are the 2023 Math Challenge Award Recipients:

Grade 1
Mental Math: Elliott Allphin and Kairo Metcalf, first place (tie); Vincent Huba, second place; Kaydence Haines, third place.
Computation: Vincent Huba and Kairo Metcalf, first place (tie); Elliott Allphin, second place; Logan Lacuku and Lucy Grace, third place
Team: Vincent Huba, Finn Oswald, Hanan Hazama, Kairo Metcalf; and Logan Lacuku, Kaydence Haines, Jason Erwin, and Addison Tracy (tie)
Math Bowl Participants: Elliott Allphin, Kairo Metcalf, and Vincent Huba (alternate)

Grade 2
Mental Math: Adam Jaffal, first place; Jacob Holbrook, second place; Frank Valfre, third place
Computation: Jameson Christy, first place; Razi Abdel Latif and Sameer Abusamra second place (tie); Adam Jaffal, third place.
Team: Anthony Pacella, Kacper Skubisz, Sameer Abusamra, and Jacob Holbrook
Math Bowl Participants: Adam Jaffal, Jacob Holbrook, and Jameson Christy (alternate)

Grade 3
Mental Math:
Finn Combs, first place; Arav Patel, second place; Monica Jiang, third place
Computation: Finn Combs, first place; Kailey Mackrow and Monica Jiang, second place (tie), Cory Buffington and Jimmy Wooten, third place (tie)
Team: Mitchell Kwiat, Kailey Mackrow, Jackson Podrazik, and Isabella Price
Math Bowl Participants: Finn Combs, Monica Jiang, and Arav Patel (alternate)

Grade 4
Mental Math: Peyton Rogers, first place; Matthew Lowczyk, second place; Ryan Kenny, third place
Computation: Peyton Rogers, first place; Samantha Llanos and Gabriele Satas, second place (tie); Matthew Lowczyk, third place
Team: Joseph Zoberis, Sofia Hammad, Gabriele Satas, and Simon Field
Math Bowl Participants: Matthew Lowczyk, Peyton Rogers, and Gabriele Satas (alternate)

Grade 5
Mental Math: Tamer Altarifi, first place; Steven Vanek, second place; Ryan Fitzpatrick, third place
Computation: Ryan Fitzpatrick, first place; Tamer Altarifi, second place; Yousef Saadeh, Riley Zilly, and Hudson Combs (tie)
Team: Yousef Saadeh, Riley Zilly, Steven Vanek, and Tamer Altarifi
Math Bowl Participants: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tamer Altarifi, and Yousef Saadeh (alternate)

Grade 6
Mental Math: Toluwanimi (David) Adegbuyi, first place; Cullen Rapacz, second place; Gwenyth Sands, third place
Computation: Cullen Rapacz, first place; Savannah Aardsma, second place; Holland Lenters, third place
Team: Gwenyth Sands, Addison Tarchala, Nathan Hornik, and Ahmad Abughoush
Math Bowl Participants: Amira Rashad, Cullen Rapacz, and Gwenyth Sands (alternate)

Grade 7
Mental Math: Allen Ledesma, first place; Liam Geist, second place; Colby Pisarik and Jessica Manijak, third place (tie)
Computation: Liam Geist, first place; Allen Ledesma, second place; Colby Pisarik, third place
Team: Liam Geist, Colby Pisarik, Shivani Patel, and Jaiden Ilginis
Math Bowl Participants: Liam Geist, Allen Ledesma, and Colby Pisarik (alternate)

Grade 8
Mental Math: DJ McCarthy and Ethan Angulo, first place (tie); Zachary Orbon, second place; Zechariah LaChonce and Matthew Nendza, third place (tie)
Computation: DJ McCarthy and Zachary Orbon, first place (tie); Matthew Nendza, second place; Nathan Beazley, Nolan Kaczmarek, Noah Galvin-Tyler, third place (tie)
Team: DJ McCarthy, Renee Saludar, Ethan Angulo, and James Yarbough; and Zechariah LaChonce, Qasem Kurdi, Matthew Nendza, and Nolan Kaczmarek (tie)
Math Bowl Participants: DJ McCarthy, Zachary Orbon, and Matthew Nendza (alternate)
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